Parasite Control in Horses

Fecal Matters is a mobile, fecal egg count laboratory serving horse owners in Southern Georgia, South Carolina, and northern Florida.

Our Mobile Lab will come to your barn, collect samples, and run fecal egg count tests onsite, or return to our Pine Harbor lab for advanced testing. We provide accurate same-day or next-day results so that you can deworm your horses efficiently and with confidence.

Current practices of rotational deworming or deworming by a calendar are not effective approaches to controlling parasites in equines. There is no medical logic behind the practice, it is biologically inappropriate, and does not actually control parasites.

Veterinary research shows that deworming horses according to fecal egg count tests is the most medically effective method for controlling parasites in your horse. As dewormer resistance grows in all species of livestock, horse owners run the very real risk of having no effective deworming treatment in the near future. Parasites that develop a resistance to deworming drugs pass on their genetic resistance to their offspring, thus creating future generations of parasites for which our current arsenal of dewormers have no effect.

The solution to this problem is targeted deworming based on Fecal Egg Count test results.